Morris Family Portrait - As Seen by JanineAllie in Wicker Chair With SunglassesAllie Daisy in Mouth Profile in Wicker ChairAllie the Daisy GirlAmy Adolescent Close Up HeadshotAmy on the Cusp of Growing Up PortraitAmy on the Cusp of Growing Up HeadshotJustin Senior PortraitHolly Senior Portrait Yearbook SelectionHolly Senior PortraitsHolly Senior PortraitsHolly Senior PortraitsIsaiah Senior PortraitAlejandro Senior PortraitSelf Portrait Janine FugereMengyuan High School Senior Portrait with Daisy Whimsy Scrapbook BordersMengyuan Class of 2012 Yearbook SelectionMengyuan Daisy Dress Golden LeavesMengyuan Sitting on RockMengyuan Traditional Chinese DressPhotographer Dan Ballard Instructing Colorado Photography Festival Workshop at Red Rocks Park

Portrait Photography by Janine Fugere